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  • Welcome to Fatloss Xperts, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Fatloss Xpert is the online fitness industry, It's the right solution for all your health and fitness goals such as weight loss, building muscles, toning up, or managing medical conditions. For more personalised advice, you can also enrol with FatlossXpert for custom-made diet charts, supplements chart and workout plan to achieve your Goal.

We would love to hear from you! Call us/WhatsApp at +919583055000 (7 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday) Or write to us at support@falossxperts.com and we'd be happy to help you.

FatlossXpert has all certified coaches. To avail of online consultation, you can enrol and select your own fitness package based on your lifestyle and fitness goals, your Xpert will design an Individual customized diet and workout plan. The Xpert will work closely with you to achieve your desired Fitness Goal through WhatsApp/call with irrespective of location!

We have a dedicated Wellness team who will work with you to understand your organisation's needs & customize a program accordingly! Reach out to support@falossxperts.com

Absolutely! All our programs are backed by science and are specifically designed for you. If you have any specific medical concerns, make sure you let your coach know or reach out to us for support at support@fatlossxperts.com

we value your privacy at most. All your personal information, including your pictures, and details are completely secure. Any personal information will not be shared without prior written confirmation. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy.

To know more check out https://www.fatlossxperts.com/

Your individual transformation depends on several factors – your genetics, lifestyle, dietary habits and many others. The most important factor, how, is your commitment/accountability towards the process. FatlossXpert is committed to your health and our xpert will help you in every step of the way!

We've helped so many people to get fit! We always strive to help you achieve the best possible results! Your efforts combined with our Xpert guidance will help you to achieve your fitness goals. We can't guarantee results because a lot depends on your level of commitment; So, individual results may vary.

After your enrollment, you will get immediate confirmation and the team will contact you within 48 hours for a consultation call. On this call, you will need to provide details about your health, goals and expectations. Accordingthe diet, supplement and workout plan will design.

Your Xpert is just a message or phone call away! You can reach out to them as often as you need to during their working hours 7 am to 10 pm. You can also schedule a weekly call to discuss progress updates. The FatlossXpert will guide you on this transformation journey in every possible way.

Xpert will guide you after signing up for a personalised fitness program. The Xpert will provide you customized workout , supplement and nutrition plan and also motivate you to do your best. Your job is to follow the Xpert's advice and stick with your plan. That's how you achieve your fitness goal!

We're sorry to hear that! We want to ensure that we are always provide you with the best possible experience. We want to know what's going wrong with proper evaluation. Please immediately mail us at support@falossxpert.com and we will help you resolve the problem within 48 hours. Please, let us know within 30 days of your enrolment.

We are sad to see you go! Do let us know why you've chosen to part ways with us - your feedback is important to us. In order to opt for refund, you may write us at support@fatlossxpert.com or feedback@fatlossxpert.com with your concern within first 30 days of the program and we will adjust the amount by giving you extra weeks as mentioned in terms and conditions. (http://fatlossxperts.com/Terms-Condition.php).

Yes you can enjoy the benefit of EMI.

Not at all! Fatloss Xpert believes in Quantified Nutrition. We encourage you to derive your nutrition from whole foods. However, in certain cases, your coach may suggest the use of certain supplements to help you meet your nutritional requirements.

FatlossXpert is strictly against the use of any performance-enhancing drugs or steroids! We believe enhances go against our fundamental philosophy that anyone can get fit with the basics. If you come across anyone who's suggesting the use of such substances, please report it to the helpdesk immediately.

All coaches are certified. Our Xperts has excellent communication skills, be physically fit & be super dedicated to helping others to get fit!

When you enrol under our team, you will receive a customised and detailed diet, nutrition supplements and workout plan specially designed as per your lifestyle.

A gym membership is not mandatory. You can transform with home workouts and a quantified diet. But we do encourage you to exercise regularly as it offers several benefits and will definitely help you with your fitness goals.

Fitness is a journey; not a destination. After completion of the FatlossXpert program, we will give you some tips for maintenance that help you stay on track and stay fit.

Critical medical issues need special attention. Our team consult with medical professionals if we will okay with the issue and then we strongly advise you to enrol. Please let us know by writing to us at support@fatlossxperts.com

Yes, we do! At present, floor training services are available at limited locations only within Odisha state.

FatlossXpert is an online consultation platform. All interactions with your coach will take place online. Please Feel free to contact your coach via email/ the chat/call/ video call.

Registering on FatlossXperts is the first step of your fitness journey. visit www.fatlossxperts.com. Click on Sign Up and register.

You need to have an account on FatlossXperts before you can login. To create an account, register with FatlossXperts. Once this is done, enter your registered email address and password and click on “Sign in” to log in to your account.

If you have forgotten your password, don't worry! Follow a few simple steps to recover it. First, click on the "Forgot Password" option and enter your registered email ID. You will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP, type your new password and click on confirm. If you still face any issues, email us at support@fatlossxperts.com and we'll help you out.

Making a payment with an international card is easy. Simply use the 'RazorPay' payment gateway. In case you face any issues, contact support@fatlossxperts.com

Fatlossxperts offers a number of different packages. Read through the description of each package to understand which one best suits your requirement. Still, confused? Drop an email to support@fatlossxperts.com

If you're new to fitness, you might have a lot of questions and doubts. You can get your answers on the Q&A group with the help of Xperts who are always there for you.

Fitness is an ongoing journey. Sometimes, 100 or 200 days aren't enough to achieve your goal. To continue your journey, click the "Renew Now" button under "My Plan". Select the package and go ahead with Payment.

To maintain quality standards, FatlossXperts do not offer discounts. Seasonal discounts, if any, may be announced from time-to-time in the website.

We urge you to read all terms and conditions carefully before enrolling for a Fatlossxpert's package. The detailed information of each package is available on the website.

Within 24 hours after your enrollment. In case no response, please mail at support@fatlossxperts.com

You will get your personalised diet, supplement & workout schedule in your registered email ID within 72 working hours after your enrollment. In case not found then immediately mail us at support@fatlossxperts.com

You will get your personalised diet, supplement & workout schedule in your registered email ID within 72 working hours after your enrollment. In case not found then immediately mail us at support@fatlossxperts.com

To achieve your fitness goals, it is important for you to send regular updates to your coach. This can be done either weekly or bi-monthly and accordingly coach will guide you step by step. You can send it in whatsapp / email us at feedback@fatlossxperts.com

 Our coach is available via message or call. However, if you still wish to speak with them via video/Skype call, you can mutually decide on a time for the call with your coach.

We love receiving feedback! To share your feedback, Please mail to us at -feedback@fatlossxperts.com

BMR Calculator is a free tool available on FatlossXperts website, With this tool, you can find out your Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR is the amount of energy is needed while at resting.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure is calculated on your total daily calorie requirements above your BMR. It is calculated upon your daily activity level.

All payments for FatlossXperts services need to be made directly to the company either through the website only. There are many available options - Debit/Credit card, UPI transactions, Netbanking or Wallet.