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Diet and Workout plan

To achieve great fitness without a balanced diet or proper nutrition plan is like holding a fireball in a piece of cotton. Each body type needs different nutrient to fuel your regular activities. "So, know your body type and plan your workout accordingly". Get your Fitness Roadmap here.

How the Program Works

  • On enrollment, you will receive a client questionnaire form in your registered email ID, to understand your lifestyle better.
  • As per your Questionnaire answers, a team of Xperts will evaluate and understand your fitness goal, lifestyle and expectations from this program.
  • Your assigned Xpert will contact you within 24 hours as per your preferred time for a discussion and let you know about goal setting and mindfulness.
  • Xpert prepares the best personalised diet and training plan suited as per your health, body type, experience in dieting and training and fitness goal.
  • In the first week of enrollment, Xpert assesses your training form and make a postural correction.
  • Xpert evaluates your weekly progress by sharing a questionnaire and makes course adjustment accordingly.
  • Finally, You will get the results.

Let Us Find The Perfect
Workout For You !


What We Do

An in-depth analysis of your health, medical history, body type, food choices, eating habits, muscle weaknesses , muscle fibers and lifestyle.

Discussion on your fitness goals and timelines for the same.

Create a sustainable personalised diet and workout routine that will be best suitable with your lifestyle.

Weekly monitoring of your health, training routine, eating habits and lifestyle.

Answer your queries within the working hour through unlimited email, phone calls and text.

In case any difficulty is found in the program, it will be resolved immediately.

Our Services

Build Your Body Transform Your Life


Fatloss and weight loss are two different strategies. We are here to help you in fatloss. You will be connected with your Fatloss Xpert through chat and call to understand your diet and fitness preferences such as your Body type detailed analysis, regional food habits, lifestyle, food preferences, past workout / other activities details, muscle fiber type and neurotransmitter respond to these diet and training approach etc. After detailed evaluation , you will receive a detailed personalised Diet and Fitness plan in your email as well as you can chat with your coach via what's app, emails , voice calls or video calls every day during working hours.


Learn your health's physical,mental & social well being.


Learn & Be the part of this fitness revolution.


Learn quantified & personalizeded Diet Approach


Learn to set goal & mindfullness to achieve results

Value Pack

Fatloss Xpert's Plans


50 Days TC

    • Validity : 50 Days
    • Sessions : 50
    • EMI options Available


100 Days TC

    • Validity : 100 Days
    • Sessions : 100
    • EMI options Available


200 Days TC

    • Validity : 200 Days
    • Sessions : 200
    • EMI options Available


400 Days TC

    • Validity : 400 Days
    • Sessions : 400
    • EMI options Available


What to expect from this Plans ?

This is a complete fat loss solution based on Indian diet approach which provides everything you need for long-term success in building a healthy and sensible lifestyle with dietary habit shifting.

We follow the latest scientific research based periodised principles in both training and diet aspects. We also provide carb cycling, menstrual cycle manipulation, refeeds and calorie shifting as per need. Our research based diet and fitness plans give a long-term gain in lean muscle tissue without any performance enhancements drugs.

You will get lean muscle tone with high frequency and high intensity workout and cardio routines which maximize fat loss and optimize your hormones.

All the training blocks are specially designed for rapid fat loss, improved muscle tone and strength & stamina gains.

We provide gender specific personalised plans with proper evaluation as per their body type, weak point and muscle fiber ratio so that anyone can tone up and create the perfect shaped body in less time.

With our xperts you will learn how to optimize your hormones, endocrinology, fiber types and nutrient utilization.

“The Fitness Xpert” approach may lead to a faster, lot more success, and better health with a positive mindset .

Your Goal , Our Mission


What Our Client Say’s

Sumant Pradhan
Body Builder

Thank you Fatloss Xperts and thank you TAZ for helping me in my fitness goal, I gained 15 kgs of muscle mass naturally through diet, supplement and periodisation workouts in near about 13 months. This could only happen for Fatloss Xpert&...

Business Owner

I followed a lot of Diet schedules, like intermittent fasting, keto and low carbs but didn't able to lose more than 2 to 3kgs. My weight was 85 kgs in October 2019, then I realised I need guidance. So I have joined 10 months back in ...

House Wife

I literally confused of being what type of workout shuold be done in the gym and what kind of diet is best suited to my genetics. Then I knew from one of my friend about Fatloss Xperts  and I joined and see the difference in my fitn...

Ranjan Behera
Business Executive

I would like to thank the Fatloss Xperts team for their outstanding support and guidance in my journey from fat to fit. I lost about 12 kgs in last 4 months and build up my lost self-esteem among my colleagues. They have their unique way of ...