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FatlossXperts is a leading fitness coaching brand of the state with clients based in countries across the globe. With undeterred commitment, round-the-clock services and a thorough diagnosis, our team of experts help you reach your dream fitness level with a personalized exercise and diet plan. Our Transformation Coaches would be at your service to assist you unlock the maximum potential of your fitness level through a systematic coaching system of six steps:







Fatlossxperts was founded in May 2019 by TAZ, a MBA graduate, driven by his fitness passion and who wants to make millions of people to be fit in India as well as in the Globe. He created team of fitness Xperts. All research based training and diet methodology are shared through his website so that anyone can get fit with the knowledge of Quantified Diet and Nutrition. Fatloss Xpert goal is to educate and empower the end-user to transform & inspire others to get fit.

At Fatloss Experts, a deep screening process is conducted to diagnose potential hurdles in your way to fitness and customize your fitness journey. Through practical consultation, clients are provided with customized diet and workout plan for a guided timeframe. Our USP, you ask? A training program designed specifically to suit your needs and physique and create a systematic and balanced strategy to help you get the body you dream of.

We understand every individual has a unique body. This is further shaped and reshaped by the lifestyle, sleeping pattern, eating habits, genetics and ailments exclusive to oneself. At FatlossXperts, a thorough screening process is used to diagnose body conditions and create a training program tailored to you. A strict follow-up is made to ensure that you follow the particular diet plan and devote time to recommended exercise. Our customisation would help you transform within your own comfort zone.

We, at FatlossXperts, believe the road to fitness takes both physical rigor and mental motivation. As such, we adopt a friendly approach in client interactions to make sure their journey to good health is effective and pleasant. A detailed analysis of your medical history, lifestyle patterns and health is made to design the perfect weight loss strategy for you- both short-term and long-term. Constant follow ups help us stay connected with you till the very end and monitor your progression throughout the process. Our team serves you with proper guidance, proactive support and holds accountability as of paramount importance.


“The Fitness Xpert” approach may lead to a faster, lot more success, and better health with a positive mindset .

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