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  • Validity : 200 Days
  • Sessions : 200
  • EMI options Available

PRICE:14999 INR (inclusive of taxes)

200 DAYS Transformation package includes:

1. Personalised consultation which includes customised diet plan, training and supplementation guidance for 200 DAYS from our XPERT CONSULTANT

2. Weekly monitoring and assessment

3. Everyday Phone/Messenger support

Consultant Timings (Consultant's Time Zone):

Monday to Sunday : 07 AM to 10 PM

Value Pack

Fatloss Xpert's Plans


50 Days TC

    • Validity : 50 Days
    • Sessions : 50
    • EMI options Available


100 Days TC

    • Validity : 100 Days
    • Sessions : 100
    • EMI options Available


400 Days TC

    • Validity : 400 Days
    • Sessions : 400
    • EMI options Available


What to expect from this Plans ?

This is a complete fat loss solution based on Indian diet approach which provides everything you need for long-term success in building a healthy and sensible lifestyle with dietary habit shifting.

We follow the latest scientific research based periodised principles in both training and diet aspects. We also provide carb cycling, menstrual cycle manipulation, refeeds and calorie shifting as per need. Our research based diet and fitness plans give a long-term gain in lean muscle tissue without any performance enhancements drugs.

You will get lean muscle tone with high frequency and high intensity workout and cardio routines which maximize fat loss and optimize your hormones.

All the training blocks are specially designed for rapid fat loss, improved muscle tone and strength & stamina gains.

We provide gender specific personalised plans with proper evaluation as per their body type, weak point and muscle fiber ratio so that anyone can tone up and create the perfect shaped body in less time.

With our xperts you will learn how to optimize your hormones, endocrinology, fiber types and nutrient utilization.

“The Fitness Xpert” approach may lead to a faster, lot more success, and better health with a positive mindset .